We are not a restaurant, nor a bar…


We are an eatery that offers recipes our grandparents enjoyed.

A cosy, homely space, as enjoyable for having lunch and dinner as it is for getting coffee or a drink and appetisers.


La Posada del Caballo Andaluz is an eatery that is typical of Córdoba, with five centuries of history under its belt before its recent restoration. The space is divided into small, cosy areas, ideal for private parties where you can make yourself at home. We also have a light-filled patio adorned in typical Córdoba fashion. Weather permitting (and it usually is), you can choose to dine in our serene, spacious patio if you prefer.


All of our spaces make for an intimate gastronomic experience.

Enjoy our videos of recipes prepared by some of the diners of the house.

Gallina en pepitoria, by Conchi Caballero

Albóndigas a la Cordobesa, by Reyes Romero

La Posada del Caballo Andaluz

San Basilio, 16. 14004 Córdoba

T: 957 29 03 74