Our mission:

Traditional gastronomy from Córdoba and Andalusia.

Dishes prepared using premium ingredients from the land.

Quality and prices you have never heard of.


Our mission is to rediscover some of the recipes that are unique to our gastronomic culture, in order to bring back the flavours used in this lifelong cuisine. We cook over a slow-burning fire, like in days past, and have a menu of dishes that change with the seasons.



Ensaladilla de pimientos con huevo duro

Pepper salad with hard-boiled eggs dressed with salt and olive oil

Sopa de picadillo

Broth from a stew with chopped Iberian ham and mint leaves

Ensaladilla Mixta

Lettuce, tomato, onion and tuna salad

Ajo blanco con manzana y pasas

Cold soup of blended almonds, breadcrumbs and garlic with apple and raisins

Salmorejo cordobés

Cold tomato cream with garlic, day old bread and extra virgen olive oil


Cream of cold breadcrumbs with garlic and extra virgen olive oil

Surtido ibérico de Los Pedroches

Iberian cured cold cuts


Albóndigas en salsa

Pork meatballs in a carrot, onion and tomato sauce


Stew made with calf’s tripes and pig’s trotters

Manitas de cerdo

Chopped pig ́s trotters cooked in a vegetable sauce

Pifarrada de Conejo

Rabbit stew with sweated vegetables

Menudo gitano

Stew made with chickpeas, pork, veal and chorizo)

Flamenquín Cordobés

Fried meat roll stuffed with Iberian ham and cheese

Carrillera de Buey

Braised beef veal

Abanico de Ibérico a la Plancha

Grilled Iberian pork

Carne con tomate

The classic and traditional

Lagartillo dorado

Stewed veal steak in vegetable sauce

Rabo de toro a la antigua


Gallina en pepitoria

Chicken stew in an almond and onion sauce

Solomillo Ibérico de Los Pedroches en salsa verde

berian sirloin skewer from Valle de los Pedroches in a green sauce

Alcachofas al Moriles

Artichokes sautéed with Iberian ham cubes and white wine

Pisto cordobés con huevo frito

Spanish ratatouille, served with fried egg

Berenjenas fritas con miel de caña

Fried aubergines with honey

Patatas rellenas de Bujalance

Breaded and fried potatoes, stuffed with lemon juice-dressed pork

Migas completas

Breadcrumbs sautéed with chorizo, bacon, green pepper and garlic

Revuelto de morcilla

Scrambled eggs with black pudding

Revoltillo de Baena

Scrambled eggs with broad beans, Iberian ham and bacon

Huevos fritos de la casa con patatas, pimientos y chorizo

Fried eggs with potato, pepper and chorizo

Cardos a la Cordobesa

Stewed thistles with Iberian ham cubes

Croquetas del día


Perol Cordobéss

Brothy rice with chicken and vegetables


Calamares fritos

Fried Squids

Bonito encebollado

Tuna fish cubes cooked with onion, garlic and species

Pez espada a la Cordobesa

Swordfish fillete in a red pepper, onion, and courgette sauce

Japuta en adobo

Marinated pomfret

Chanquetes con huevo frito

Whitebaits with fried egg

Bacalao frito

Fried cod

Atún en escabeche

Pickled tuna fish: tuna fish cubes with vegetables, extra virgen olive oil and vinegar


D. O. Montilla-Moriles

Fino en rama Bodegas Gracia


Fino El Caballo Cordobés


Viña verde Afrutado


Oloroso Gran Barquero


Amontillado Gran Barquero


Pedro Ximénez Bodegas Delgado


Pedro Ximénez El Caballo Cordobés

White Wines Others D. O.

Orquesta D.O. La Mancha ( Uva Chardonay)


Analivia D.O Rueda (100% Verdejo)


Viña de San Juan D.O. La Mancha

(Uva Chardonay, Viura y Verdejo)


Frissé ( Vino Frizzante con Maracuyá y limón)

Rose Wines

El aviador Castilla León ( Tempranillo)


Soliera D.O. La Mancha (Tempranillo)


Frissé Rosado Frizzante con Frambuesa y pomelo

Red Wines

Arnegui D.O.Rioja (Tempranillo 100%)


Arnegui Crianza (Tempranillo 100%)


Condado de Oriza Roble D.O. Ribera del Duero



Condado de Oriza crianza D.O. Ribera del Duero


Soliera D.O. La Mancha (Tempranillo)

La Posada del Caballo Andaluz

San Basilio, 16. 14004 Córdoba

T: 957 29 03 74